Lime School


Emil Sayahi

Mrs. Gifford

English 9 Pre-AP

15 Oct. 2017

Adopted Money

​ The moon was out, and the crickets were chirping. I was anxious and curious, ready to meet the family that would be living with us for the next month or so. According to my father, they were important and they meant a lot to our family, but honestly I didn’t care about them at all. I had literally just found out they existed last week and knew absolutely nothing about them, so don’t judge. According to my father the reason they were coming to live with us was to go on vacation with us to South Carolina, since they knew both of our families were planning on going and they wanted to split the cost. The only reason my father agreed was because the father of the two kids that were coming with us had saved my dad’s life decades ago. Knowing how important these people were to my father immediately overwhelmed me with even more anxiety, knowing how disappointing to my father it would be if I wasn’t behaving 100% properly towards them. A few moments passed until we heard a knock on the door, and I sat there in anticipation as it slowly opened, like my life was playing back in some poorly made, generic horror movie. As it finally opened I saw a strange looking, quirky little family began shuffling in through our door. A short, plump old man, an annoyed teenage girl, and a little brother of hers with a wide smile, twitchy face, and horrible posture, that was just waiting to ruin something. As I looked at his grinning, sinister face I knew I would spend my summer suffering.

​ The next day, my brother, Ty, woke me up and told me to go to his room. His eyes were wide and filled with tears, his speech slurred and his nose turned runny and red. Whatever had happened, I instantly knew who was responsible. Once I entered his room, I froze in pure horror… our money was gone. See, my father had collected various currencies throughout his lifetime and gave us his collection, which we also contributed to by amassing an extra $200 USD on top of it all by, uh, adopting money we had found lying on the streets and at school over several years. Somebody had stolen literally hundreds of adopted dollars from us, and I knew it must’ve been one of them because it wouldn’t make much sense if my family stole from itself, now would it? I devised a sneaky, genius plan. Ty and I were going to be detectives for a day, and go through this child’s things! If he was innocent, he would have nothing to hide, of course! We slowly opened the door to the home’s storage room, making sure not to have it creak a bit, and slowly tip-toed our way around the room like 20th century cartoon robbers. As we slowly crept across the fluffy carpet we, unsurprisingly, found our sparkling money that we had worked so hard for, by being born. What did surprise me, however, was the fact that my father didn’t believe the two of us one bit when we told him of our tale.

​ “It isn’t like you kids to get jealous, let alone lie. Leave Arik and their family alone,” said my father.

​ I was shocked and in disbelief! The thief, who I now knew was named Arik, discovered our plan to get our money back. He saw me and initiated a sprint. At first, he was furious, but in mere seconds his facial expression changed to be purely blank, as if his face simply couldn’t handle the level of anger he had.

​ My brother called me over to see something on his laptop, and like the evil little gremlin Arik was, he decided to get revenge for us stealing his stolen, adopted money by pushing me to the floor, which caused my teeth to smash my multi-hundred dollar smartphone that I was carrying, shattering my beautiful white chompers into a dramatic explosion of four little chunks. One being half a tooth, and the others being little chips of some other nearby teeth. Unfortunately, I never did end up seeing what was so important on my brother’s laptop screen, but fortunately I found the half a tooth that got chipped off, and got it glued back on by my dentist within a week, good as new.

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